Why We Hook Grip


The hook grip is uncomfortable to learn. It feels awkward and hurts as you are first learning it. New lifters tend to shy away from using it for these reasons, asking “why do I need to hook grip?” It’s known that grip strength affects how well other parts of the body can express power but usually the coach is left telling the athlete “You will understand it’s importance as you start to lift heavier weights.” After a lifter actives a certain level of proficiency it becomes obvious how important the hook grip is when lifting heavy. Although this is still subjective. Are we just coaching the things that were taught to us because that’s just the way it’s done?

A recent study found that the hook grip improves:

  • 1 Rep Max

  • Peak Velocity

  • Peak Power

  • Peak Force

  • Receiving Height

Click Here for a link to the study.

Mychael Swenning