The Three Pulls

In weightlifting, the first pull, second pull, or third pull are commonly used to refer to different phases of the snatch or clean. You might read things like "how to improve your second pull" or "exercises for a stronger second pull". So, what are the first pull, second pull, and third pull?

First Pull: The pull off the ground until the transition. There will be variants between lifters but will be above the knees up to mid-thigh.

Transition: Is the transition from the first pull (shoulders still over the bar) to the second pull (power position) where the knees are forward of the bar and torso is vertical. The transition is not often mentioned since it will happen naturally if and when the proper positions are hit.

Second Pull: Follows the transition, starting in the power position and finishes with the extension of the lifter. This is where the bar will reach its maximum velocity and given its direction.

Third Pull: Is a downward pulling under the bar to the receiving of the barbell (on the shoulders or overhead).