How to Not Hit Your Dick

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A member of CrossFit 719 asked me “How do you not hit your dick when snatching or cleaning?”

Watching him perform the lift - he was extending his knee too quickly and not getting to the power position. Creating a dragging effect across the penis catching it through the extension of the lift.

After the barbell clears the knees, the knees should rebend as the torso becomes upright. The chest will be tall and the knees will be in front of the bar lowering the hips slightly as the bar continues to move upward. This action will give space for the penis to sit between the legs and away from the bar and setting up a stronger finish of the barbell.

Since the knees and hips were already extended as he went to finish, he would then drag the bar across his penis. In the correct power position the bar is still close to the body, but as you pull the bar into finish the thigh will be forward of the penis and as you extend up the contact will finish above the penis leaving you with a pain free lift.

Besides the pain associated with extending the knees too quickly will create a less explosive finish and can lead to a poor bar path.

Mychael Swenning