Weight In The Heels?

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Where the athlete is placing their weight in the foot will affect the bar path. There will be a few shifts in balance through the pull keeping your weight and the weight balanced and in a good position to remain strong through the pull, extension, and even the receiving position.

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If you find your weight resting too much on your toes in the setup you will likely get pulled forward forcing the heels off the ground in the initial pull, If too far back in the heels (common because of the over coaching or misunderstanding of the “heels” cue) you will find yourself in a poor power/hip position right before extension.

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Ideally, when pulling from the ground to complete a clean or snatch, most of your weight will be in the mid-foot just in front of the ankle. With maybe a slight toe bias for a better leg drive, the pressure will change in later stages of the pull to a slight preference of the heel (still driving through the midfoot) which will allow you to drive the hips into the weight in an upward motion for a strong extension. 

Mychael Swenning