Mark at 2018 Jr. Nationals

Mark at 2018 Jr. Nationals


Mark came to us while I was away on a trip to Seattle. He had been CrossFitting and coaching at Stand Firm CrossFit. The first weightlifting class he showed up to he immediately caught the attention of the other athletes and they started sending me some videos of his lifts. His movement was good and his mobility was stupid! He just needed some small tweaks and to get stronger, but who doesn’t.

Mark is a competitor and it didn’t take much convincing to get him on some weightlifting programming and convince him to compete. His work ethic and competitive nature lead to huge improvements, quickly. In his first weightlifting meet he took first in his weight class and second based on sinclar, and qualified for Jr. Nationals. In his second meet, The Colorado State Championships, he took first in his weight class and won the title of best Jr. lifter.

Junior Nationals was held in Spokane, WA and this was Mark’s third meet. The nerves were high and he was opening his Snatch higher than he had ever lifted in a meet prior. Mark goes out for his first attempt at 98k and hits it with ease. You can visibly see the nerves settle. His next attempt at 102k is successful with a narrow miss at 106k on his third attempt. His Clean and Jerks were strong leading up to the competition and we were expecting both a competition and lifetime Pr’s to be set. Mark’s first lift at 122k was successful. Up next was 126k. Mark stood up with the clean and something was wrong, he was taking more time to set up for the jerk than usual. The bar was sitting on his neck in just a way that it literally choked him out and was unable to attempt the Jerk. With a short technical stop and two lifters between him, he was able to regroup and come back and hit 126k on this third attempt. Mark finished 102k/126k/228k for an 11k competion Pr!

We are proud of you Mark! He is a well-rounded athlete and up next he’s going to test his fitness in the CrossFit Open.