Variety is Key

Variety is a key aspect to a program (unless your Bulgarian). Along with keeping things fresh and avoiding boredom from your athletes. Some other benefits are to help train muscle groups at a slightly different angle making overall stronger athletes. It can train specific portions of the lift to address weakness and may even help with injury prevention keeping your athletes more balanced.

Some examples are:

1. Hex bar deadlift: 
Because of the more upright torso more opened hip, but more closed knee joint, it will be a more quad dominant lift helping with the push off the ground.

2. Box Squat: 
When box squats are done well, the shin will remain vertical and will be more of a hinge over to the box. Keeping the knee joint more open, but putting more load on to the hamstring and the hips. The box squat comes to a pause and dose not utilize the stretch reflex. Similar to pulling the bar off the ground from a dead stop. The box squat is an effective tool for speeding up and strengthening the second pull.

3. The low bar squat:
Similar to the box squat it will be a more hip dominant squat, but will include the stretch reflex allowing for heavier weights. When looking at a low bar squat you will see it has similar angles as when pulling the bar off the ground. Because the bar is placed on the back there will be a greater demand on the low back. Making the low bar squat an effective tool for the lifters that have a tendency to rush behind the bar often to weakness in their back.

Mychael Swenning