Tips on the Rower


1. Keep your heels down! The rower is effected by the power created from the pull, or more correctly the push of the legs. When deadlifting or squatting we keep the entire foot on the ground for better leg drive. The same is true for the rower.

- - - 

2. The damper setting on the rower. Each individual and their ability to apply power to the wheel will determine the best setting for the damper. Most will NOT be on 10. One of the best ways to determine the best setting for you is to listen to the rower. After your pull as you return to the starting position if you hear the wheel an obvious slowing down of the wheel your damper is likely too high. If don’t hear it slow down at all and don’t feel much resistance as you pull, the damper is likely to low. This will take some playing with. For more information about how to row efficiency, check out @shanefarmer

Mychael Swenning