Horizontal Pulling and Its Importance in Crossfit

A horizontal pulling movement is a movement where the athlete is pulling weight or his/her bodyweight along the transverse plane, which passes through the torso anatomically speaking. In almost all cases these movements will mimic a rowing motion as shown in the ring row. When performing these movements the focus should be to keep the ribs depressed to limit any extension of the spine. Start the movement by first retracting the shoulder blades (squeeze them together!) then follow with the elbows, and finally, make sure you keep these movements as strict as possible!

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When utilized correctly and consistently, horizontal pulls can aid in building a strong upper back that includes the lats, rhomboids, and traps. Using these will also strengthen the arms. CrossFit athletes will benefit from maintaining a strong upper back because of reduced risk of injury due to increased shoulder stability, a stronger pull in the Olympic lifts and deadlift, and an absolutely shredded back that all your friends will be in awe over!

Devon Baker