Crossfit Kip vs. Gymnastics Kip


VIDEO 1: Correct CrossFit Kip --
This athlete starts from a dead hang and generates the kipping force by pushing his chest forward and heels back, creating extension through the body, he quickly reverses direction by pushing on the bar until his toes are out in front of him, he initiates his pull and then sends his heels down and hips up. This is the correct way to perform a bar muscle up.
VIDEO 2: Incorrect CrossFit Kip --
The athlete is jumping at the bar, which initiates a swing versus the desired “kipping” motion. This results in the toes coming too high and the athlete performing a glide kip. Ideally the athlete starts from a dead hang, and initiates the kipping motion by pushing their chest forward and their heel back. For the purposes of CrossFit this is undesirable as the toes come too high and does not meet standards for the bar muscle up.

Mychael Swenning