Common Faults: Overextending In Split

The Split Jerk and Power Jerk will have a similar depth where they are received. The Power Jerk and Squat Jerk could be received at lower depths than the Split Jerk. The greatest difference between a Split Jerk and a Power/Squat Jerk is the area of base when received. In the Power/Squat Jerks, the feet remain on the same line, where in the split jerk, the feet will move forward, back, and out. If the feet are moved too far forward or backwards, this leads to an overextended and weak receiving position, eliminating the advantage of the Split Jerk.


Most often, it’s the back leg that becomes overextended while the front leg is often not extended far enough. This leads to most of the weight placed on the front leg. Often, this can lead to the bar feeling forward and making the recovery difficult.

Overextending happens when an athlete is attempting to receive the bar too low. The best corrections involve the intention of creating a strong and stable base with consistent foot placement.


  • Foot Work Drills (w/o Barbell and w/ Barbell)

  • Press in Jerk

  • Tall Jerk

  • Jerk Balance

  • Jerk from Split

  • Jerk Recoveries