Common Fault: Missing Bar Forward or Behind in the Snatch

There are multiple possibilities for why a lift is missed in the front. Assuming the bar was lifted high enough to be snatched, the pull was likely rushed. When the pull is rushed, positions are missed (The Three Pulls). Ultimately leading to missing the power position, where the bar is given it’s final acceleration and direction. Often the hips are pushed forward, instead of finishing up, causing the bar to be pushed away from the body.

The lift won’t be missed behind without enough power, so when the bar is missed behind it’s due to a lack of control. Most often the lifter attempts to pull under to quickly, causing the bar to travel higher than where the lifter is attempting to meet the bar. The lifter should be attempting to meet the bar at what ever height it travels and not a predetermined hight set in the lifters mind.


Mychael Swenning