Common Faults: Pressing Out

USA Weightlifting rules do not allow for an elbow bend or a pressing action as the bar is finished over head.

When the elbow locks out then bends, and is ether relocked out or crashes down, is often a sign of "over" jerking. This is a timing issue where the lifters feet contact the ground well before the bar settles/stops its vertical acceleration, leading to a crashing effect.

When the bar is not locked and is pressed into the finish position the common errors are:

  • Receiving the bar too tall
  • Not completing the drive in attempts to get under faster
  • Slow or Lazy Drive

Exerscise for timining:

  • Tall Jerks
  • Jerk Balances
  • Behind the Neck Jerk
  • Overhead Jump to Split (bar is overhead and feet are jumped to split)

Exersicse for pressing out:

  • Press in Jerk
  • Jerk Balances
  • Push Press/Behind the Neck Push Press
  • Power Jerk/Behind the Neck Power Jerk
  • Behind the Neck Jerk
  • Front Rack Lunges
Taylor Grebe Youth Nationals 2018

Taylor Grebe Youth Nationals 2018