Common Faults: Incorrect Balance on the Feet (Jerk Dip/Drive)

During the initial dip of the jerk, the lifters weight should be placed in the midfoot directly under the bar as it's resting on the shoulders with a slight bias towards the heels. During the drive phase the midfoot balance should be maintained through the extension of the hips and knees, leading to a "jump" that brings the lifter to their toes. Remaining balanced over the midfoot will allow the lifter to apply the most force into the bar and give the bar it's direction.

Brookelynn Burkley Youth Nationals 2018

Brookelynn Burkley Youth Nationals 2018

Common reasons for losing balance:

Exercises to be used as corrections:

  • Wall slides
  • Jerk dip -can be done with holds or in a rack to prevent forward movement
  • Behind the neck jerk
  • Push press
  • Power Jerk
  • Jerk dip squats