Common Faults: Not Clearing Knees

A common error in the snatch and clean is not clearing the knees in the first pull. When the knees are not properly cleared, the path of the bar will move forward to get past the knees. When the bar path moves forward it can cause the lifter to lose balance by being pulled forward, set up a poor second pull, and make the weight feel heavier.

Common reasons a lifter will not clear the knees are:

  • attempting to lift the bar with the back and/or hips from the ground instead of leg drive.
  • lack of patience and attempting to bring the torso vertical prior to the finish of the first pull.
  • weak or injured back.

Corrections will be anything that allows the lifter to feel or strengthens the correct positions. Some examples are:

  • Snatch or Clean Pulls to the Knee AKA Lift-offs

  • Snatch or Clean with pauses

  • Snatch or Clean Segment Pulls

  • Halting Deadlifts

  • Pulls or lifts from a deficit

The Snatch Pull to Knee mimics the pull off the ground to the knee and can be used to maintain positions off the floor and strength the initial pull of the ground.