Common Faults: Hips Rising Faster than the Shoulder (Bar)

As the bar is being lifted off the ground the angle of the hips and shoulders should be maintained throughout the first pull. When the hips are rising faster than the shoulders the bar gets left behind making it difficult to accelerate the bar.

Common reasons for the hips to rise faster than the shoulders: Overemphasizing the speed required off the ground. When the hips rise too quickly the lifter will feel faster (but the bar will not).

Corrections will be anything that allows the lifter to feel or strengthen the correct positions. Some examples are:

  • Snatch or Clean Pulls to the Knee AKA Lift-offs
  • Snatch or Clean Segment Pulls
  • Snatch or Clean with pauses
  • Halting Deadlifts
  • Pulls or lifts from a deficit